Australian elegance-Home furniture perfect choice.

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Inside an Australian Sydney house showing that modern and classic does mix.

Modern, contemporary, sober, without much frills and elegance define this Australian terrace in Sydney. I must admit that I was speechless watching the room with the brick wall where the staircase is supported, and that seems to invite us to discover the rest of the house. 140 square meters of pure elegance and charm from many tastefully mixed with "a lot of know-how" materials. Glass, velvet, leather, silk, marble, glass creating spaces where designs coexist perfectly with older pieces like the dining table and chairs and a modern staircase. The wood-paneled walls throughout the house and the modern kitchen caught my attention, and I must admit that the mix of styles excites me. Lights coming out of the floor, chandeliers, lamps, curtains and that fire place, so many things smartly presented but so difficult to express that I have preferred to show all the pictures for you to appreciate.

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